Tuesday, May 14, 2013

World of Warcraft Mount Code Generator

World of Warcraft Mount Code Generator

GameZ8ne is very proud for this new and very advanced World of Warcraft Mount Code Generator. This is version 2.0 keygen and it will detect and download real mount codes from servers.

This wow mount code generator has the ability to find and grab this mounts codes:

  • World of Warcraft Mount: Heart of the Aspects
  • World of Warcraft Mount: Winged Guardian
  • World of Warcraft Mount: Celestial Steed
You have to chose between EU and US mount codes.

How our WoW Mount Code Generator works?

  1. Keygen is tool that we use to provide our amazing DAILY GIVEAWAYS. ALL codes are supported by our SPONSORS.
  2. We suggest you to try multiple servers to get unique working codes because each server is connected with separate cd-key DataBase.
  3. Each DataBase is DAILY UPDATED with NEW WoW Mount Codes so you should use our generator on DAILY bases. Simply download software again when you see Databases are updated again.
  4. Codes are RANDOMLY chosen from databases and transferred to secured SPONSORED server to download from. That way all this giveaways are possible.
  • Download wow mount code generator and start it
  • Chose Eu or US mount and click Search
  • Download mount code and use it in your battle.net WoW account
  • Enjoy free WoW Mounts!
Winged Guardian (requires level 20) is both land and flying mount and only can be purchased from Blizzard Store. So download Winged Guardian code generator and get your free winged guardian mount.
Heart of the Aspects (requires level 20) is land and flying wow mount that can be purchased from Blizzard directly. Try our Heart of the Aspects code generator and enjoy free heart of the aspects mount.
Celestial Steed (requires level 20) is amazing wow mount for land and air traveling. Grab our Celestial Steed code generator and get free celestial steed mount today.
All this mounts you can only buy at Blizzard store for real money so why not use our wow mount code generator and get it for free.
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